All Natural Ingredients
No Preservatives
No Artificial Flavors

At Shotgun Barbecue Sauce, the recipes for the sauce and ingredients along with the cooking experience have come from many years of cooking beside Edward’s father and mother. Attributing all of the cooking experiences to the many holidays and the memories of cooking on an old 55 gallon barrel cut in half and sitting on cinder blocks. Marinating meats overnight and seasoning with extra love and the sauces, in which we are grateful to provide to you and your families. It is our desire that your families and loved ones enjoy the same great tastes and experiences our families have been able to enjoy over the years.

One of a Kind

Shotgun BBQ Sauce is a one of a kind sauce unlike anything on the market today. This sauce offers a sweet and tangy taste sensation that tantalizes your taste buds. Our sauce is the perfect compliment for anything being grilled. This sauce uses a unique combination of Southern herbs and spices that provides a mouth watering flavor to beef, pork, chicken, and even seafood. This combination of spices is filled with years of BBQ smoke flavored secrets providing you the most efficient way to create a delicious meal without having to spend hours of preparation.

Teasured family recipe

Our BBQ Sauce, Shotgun Barbecue Sauce, is a secret recipe that has brought our family together during all sorts of occasions and types of weather. We are pleased to introduce your to our sauce and products and hope that your family and loved ones can create the same memories at your tables and functions. Thank you for your support and allowing us to be a part of your family memories.

Now Available for Purchase
Online and in stores

Our BBQ Sauce is now available to order from our website. For years we have given the sauce to friends upon request and occasionally when they wanted to purchase a case. Now you can enjoy and love our sauce. We hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think. The recipe for our sauce has survived generations of family recipes, but now we’re making the move to offer it to the world.


Shotgun Barbecue

A fantastic sauce. Put it on everything.
Proudly made in Mobile Alabama.