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About Shotgun BBQ Sauce

Created and distributed by Edward Pederson of Saraland, Alabama, USA.


Shotgun BBQ Sauce is a delicious sweet and tangy barbecue sauce that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.  Our rubs can make the everyday cook the talk of the town and our catering services will make your event the talk of the neighborhood, community, and family, for years to come. 


The recipes for Shotgun BBQ Sauce, Spices, and Rubs have evolved from numerous cooking experiences with Edward’s parents, John and Patsy Banks.  His fondest memories include the many holidays, cooking alongside his father on an old 55-gallon barrel that was cut in half and sat on cinder blocks, with a refrigerator rack for cooking.  Edward remembers father and son working alongside one another, creating BBQ Sauce from the cheapest generic label at the time and transferring it into a family labor of love.  He cherishes his parents teaching the art of patience with processes of marinating the meat overnight, seasoned with extra love and the art of creating a custom Sauce, Spices, and Rubs, for all occasions.        




In 2014 Edward's wife Angela was instrumental in getting the barbecue sauce bottled as a product.  Angela encouraged and assisted in the process that led to having the products available in their present-day bottling and packaging.   

We are grateful to provide our experiences and memories in a prepackaged, ready-to-use bottle, that continues this family legacy.  It is our desire that your family and loved ones enjoy the same great taste and experiences that our family has enjoyed. 


                         Father                                  Angela & Edward Pederson                       Mother & Edward

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